Product line details

Industrial-use Eco-Cute Y-Fame

Large size Heat Pump Water Heater with high efficiency and drastic downsizing due to the unique Y- shape configuration

Popular installation

Kitchen Bath/Shower room

High efficiency is achieved with Y-Frame model

With drastic downsizing and high performance with its characteristic Y-shape design, this model meets the demand for many cases where the heavy hot water load is desired. A Y-shape configuration enables the installation in the limited availability of space and structural tolerance. The model has been popular in and out of Japan ever since the start of its sales in 2011.


Komatsu Ltd. Corporate dormitory 3 units Usage: Bath・Hot water ,Japan

Wafangdian Nanbowan Lodging Facility 5 units Usage: Bath・Hot water ,China

Brown Brothers Milawa Winery 1 unit Usage: Cleaning ,Australia

Dong-A University Dormitory 6 units Usage: Bath・Hot water ,Korea

In many cases, we are capable of customizing our products to accommodate the conditions and limitations of your installation plan even if the suitable product cannot be sited in this Hope Page.

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