Product line details

ndustrial-use Eco-Cute Small size 15kW

Suitable for small-size facilities and shops

Popular installation

Kitchen Bath/Shower room

Flexible system design is available with the compact presence

It very well meets the hot water need of small size facilities and stores. The compact size also makes installation and carrying-in so easy. Various settings – stoppage function on the regular closing day, peak-cutting function, reheating setting to name a few. – are available by using the multi-functional remote control. (optional)


Automatic Heating Company Factory 1 Unit Usage:Test Operation ,Australia

Nightingale Apartment 2 units Usage: Bath・Hot water ,Australia

Keio University Hospital 4 units (2 units are 26kW) Usage: Shower, Equipment cleaning ,Japan

In many cases, we are capable of customizing our products to accommodate the conditions and limitations of your installation plan even if the suitable product cannot be sited in this Hope Page.

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