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Social activities

Supporting "Whiplash Patient support Society"

We, Nihon Itomic, actively participate in social contribution through "Whiplash Patient Support Society" as a supporting member.

We came to know the Society when a person related to one of our company members was hit with an intractable disease called "Cerebrospinal Fluid Decrease Syndrome (CFDS), aka. Intracranial Hypotension Syndrome." One day she had an opportunity to meet Mr. Nakai, a director at the society, and asked for his help.

Recovery from CFDS is a long weary process if cured at all; it is at a snail's pace, and her improvement has been inconspicuous and enduring. Questions always hover over her mind like "Am I really be cured?", or "Unlike other patients I would never recover from the disease." Needless to add the worries of all her family members.

It was such a time when she came across with the meetings associated with the Society. The words exchanged between the patients tremendously helped ease her anxiety, and of her family as well.

It was a matter of course to participate in the society in any way we can. Our contribution does not end with monetary donation, but also extends to offering our product (water heaters, etc.) with special discounts for hospitals and other related facilities that can provide the treatment of the disease.