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What makes ITOMIC so special?

What makes ITOMIC so special?

For fifty years, we have continuously supplied electric water heaters to make up the dominant 70% share of the market in Japan.

Consequently, our brand name "ITOMIC" is often used as a common noun for electric water heaters. Further, we try our best to offer variety of products to meet every customer's expectation.

Our technical know-how accumulated through fifty years of experience has inculcated the customers with unwavering confidence in the brand "ITOMIC"

For Drinks and washing


Wak-WakA table-top storage type electric water heater with easy operation and high-tech function. (Setup temperature 99°C fixed)

ES-DW series

Wak-WakEquipped with two hot water outlets, energy saving temperature control timer.(Highest use temperature 95°C, temperature variable)

EW series

Wak-WakWall mounted type with flat body. Ultra thin EW-N3 and reasonable price EW-N4.(Highest use temperature 99°C, temperature variable)

For Washing


ES-3WA compact wall mounted type electric water heater with 3liter storage tank. .(Setup temperature 85°C, 40°C fixed flow)

ES-N series

The standard of electric water heater for dish / hand / face washing usage.(Highest use temperature 75°C, temperature variable)


EI-N5 Instantaneous water heater for commercial use. (60°C fixed flow )

For heavy volume applications

ITOMIC Industrial use Eco-cute

Industrial use Eco-cuteEco-friendly and high efficiency CO2 refrigerant heat pump water heater. Tank volume varies from 500 to 3000 liter (Highest use temperature 90°C)

Other than those above, we have many products satisfy your needs. contact us freely.

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