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Announcing Newly Remodeled ECO-CUTE for industrial use by Itomic.

Aug. 2009

The remodeled Eco-cute, featuring the heat pump with CO2 as refrigerant which realizes high efficiency as well as easing environmental stress, will be marketed in November 2009.


By reviewing and optimizing the whole layouts, especially by lightening load on compressor parts and improving gas coolers and piping, it has realized;

  • Reducing the gross weight to 120kg(20% less)
  • Improving *COP from 3.8 to 4.0
  • And overall reducing 55% of installation space.

The reduced space requirement expands the possible installation in a wide variety of areas, which have been considered otherwise.

*COP ・・coefficient of Performance・・is the ratio of heat delivered by the heat pump and the electricity supplied to the compressor. The bigger the figure, the better the efficiency.

What is ECO-CUTE?

'ECO’ was derived from the word ‘Ecological’, while ‘CUTE’ from ‘Kyutou’, meaning ‘hot water supply’ in Japanese. Itomic, with the cooperation of TEPCO(Tokyo Electric Power Company), has developed an industrial use model of heat pump electric water heater, exploiting naturally available CO2 instead of notorious refrigerant, Freon. And, thus named and marketed it as ECO-CUTE. It can supply large amount of hot water with less stress on the environment. Itomic launched commercial Eco-cute in 2002, as the first of its kind in the world.

Since the beginning, building designers and owners have recognized the superiority of Eco-cute as;

  • Non-combustible
  • No exhaustion of gas
  • Low running cost due to high COP
  • Worry-free when dismantling (unlike Freon-based)
  • Minimizing nature destruction.

Because of these features, approximately 1000 units have been sold for facilities in both domestic and overseas, places like nursery homes, office buildings, industrial plants, schools, public premises, hotels, hot spas, and so on.


Please feel free to Contact us if you have any questions.