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About us


Our corporate philosophy starts by "Knowing".

President:Hirotaka ItoThese three pillars and 50 proud years as a pioneer maker of electric water heaters have enabled Itomic to provide the public with safety and comfort.

Knowing people gives birth to communication; knowing things breeds technology; and knowing time helps us forge ahead with each new age.

Our stance is never compromise in everything we pursue. One thing we realized for this purpose is to obtain ISO9001, an international standardization for quality regulation.

We committed to customer satisfaction with the expertise of technology, and to "offer people the environment with a safe and comfortable hot water corresponding to the individual needs."

Corporate profile

Company name Nihon Itomic co.,Ltd
President Hirotaka Itou
Headquarters 24F Tokyo Skytree East Tower 1-1-2, Oshiage, Sumida-ku,
Tokyo131-0045 Japan
TEL +81-3-3621-2121
FAX +81-3-3621-2130
Capital 258million yen
Established 1948
Company profile Plan, design, develop, manufacture and sale of business-type electric water heaters. (Electric water heater, boiler, plate heat exchanger.)
Certification ISO9001(by Headquarters and Head factory)
Registrations Officially approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan as a manufacturer of electrical appliances; Factory inspected and registered by Japan Water Works Association; Factory consigned for inspection by Japan Water Works Association; Certified by local waterworks bureau and Japan Water Works Association; Approved building contractor for plumbing work.
Membership The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association; Japan Boiler Association; The Japan Installation Engineer Office Association
Tie-up company ZANKER-HAUSGER-GMBH (Germany)
Danfoss-REDAN A/S (Denmark)

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