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ES-DW series :Electric water heater for washing and drinking.


State-of-the-art, durable, useful.

ES-DW SeriesES-DW series has two hot water outlets (50°C hot water for washing, 95°C hot water for drinks), energy saving temperature control timer, patented air release valve.

How to use

ES-DW2B: Round typeES-DW3B: Square typeES-DWUB: Kitchen tabel type

After start running, for drinks, open the boiling water faucet for 95°C hot water. For dish washing, open the mixing faucet for water-to-hot water.


  • Model number,...ES-DW3B(Square),ES-DW2B(Round),ES-DWUB(Kitchen table type)
  • Suitable usage ...Drinks, dish washing
  • Highest use temperature ...Approx 95°C
  • Place to set ...Stand.
  • Structure ...Concealed (Pressurized)
  • Type ...Storage type
  • Storage capacity(Liter)...From 12 to 80 (Depending on model)
  • Voltage ...Single phase 200V
  • Power rating...From 1.1 to 3.1kW (Depending on model)
  • Specification change ...Possible
  • Brochure (Japanese/PDF format) >> Download

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